Confidence Redefined

The Confidence Redefined series is designed to help employees improve their inner game.  Just like professional athletes, we will train your mind and body to unlock the confidence, peace, and strength required to close that sale, manage your team, have that difficult conversation, or confidently express your ideas.  Your state of mind has a direct correlation with your personal and professional life.  These workshops are not interdependently linked.  Take one or take all; each workshop has it’s own set of unique lessons.

Part 1 in the Confidence Redefined series is 2.5 hours and it will cover:

  • Develop your habits to maximize your Inner Confidence
  • Honestly assess your own character to better impact others
  • See these lessons in action
  • Cultivate your individual grounded-ness to combat the anxiety, nerves, and fear present in your professional and personal environments
  • Manage your time and energy to make the most out of your daily life
  • Understand how your current routines could be holding you back


Personal Development Redefined

"Personal Development" is a 7-hour workshop. This workshop will take a deep dive into your habits, early development, current life, and vision for the best version of yourself. Expect this workshop to be experiential.

In this workshop, we will cover:

  • Stress reducing techniques
  • Build your level of mental agility and clarity
  • Strengthen your resilience
  • Learn principles of deep practice to train your mind
  • Increase your sense of self-awareness
  • Learn to regulate and control your emotions
  • Learn efficient communication modalities
  • Increase your confidence with difficult conversations
  • Learn to modify your habits to create new neuronal pathways

You will create strong bonds with other participants in the workshop. It is designed to have you step outside of your comfort zone to create a stronger sense of self, connect with others in a genuine way, and have you at a state of peak performance.

Evert has facilitated hundreds of workshops and has extensive training in facilitation, social emotional learning, crisis prevention, and coaching.


Company Culture Redefined

About 5 years ago, Google assembled a group of researchers to find what makes a perfect team-- they named this "Project Aristotle".  After years of research and millions of dollars spent, they landed on 5 key dynamics that created a high performing and healthy work environment. The number 1 ranked dynamic (by far) was a term researchers called , "Psychological Safety". Researchers realized that in an age when companies try to "optimize" everything, key indicators that lead to "Psychological Safety" are difficult to quantify. These are experiences such as, difficult conversations, discussions about how our teammates make us feel, and who we want to be.

"Company Culture Redefined" was created to help companies perform at optimal levels. Today's workplace is rapidly evolving. Creating an optimal work environment goes beyond catered food, transportation shuttles, and adjustable desks.  It requires creating a feeling of freedom and support-- a place where everyone feels safe being themselves. We redefine what it means to work in a group.

This is a one-day workshop where we cover:

  • How to be confident in your workplace
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Experiential exercises to exercise our emotional muscles
  • How to be mentally agile with emotions in the workplace
  • Efficient communication
  • Main tenets of "Psychological Safety"
  • How Emotional Intelligence can take your personal and professional life to another level
  • How to maintain an optimal work environment
  • Learn the main ingredients for a negative and unproductive work environment

As mentioned before, this is an experiential workshop. We invite employees of all levels to join- especially executives, directors, and upper-level management. Feel free to contact Evert for more information and available dates.