Consulting and Coaching

Executive Team Consulting

Just because you have a team of highly intelligent people, doesn't mean your company is destined for success. Time and time again, I've seen founders and executives hinder themselves from their goals and bottom line. Having a team that can take risks, feel safe to be vulnerable, identify and regulate emotions and navigate from conflict to execution, will take your company to new heights. I guide executive teams to communicate efficiently.

We will:

  • Clarify any confusing messaging among your team
  • Identify any issues with politics, morale, productivity, and turnover
  • Create an environment where your team feels safe to share their honest opinions
  • Implement new communication models
  • Create a sense of trust with your team
  • Create team chemistry from the top down
  • Create new team/company routines that will positively impact your bottom line

Demo and VC Presentation Consulting

Many people have an idea or product that can be revolutionary. Your ability to eloquently and efficiently communicate your vision can literally make or break your business. With Presentation Consulting, I work with founders and teams to maximize the effectiveness of their presentation and message.

We will:

  • Create a presentation style that feels natural to you
  • Trim any slides or text that loses momentum in your pitch
  • Utilize the power of storytelling to strengthen your message
  • Use powerful visualization techniques to mentally prepare you and increase your confidence
  • Make sure who says what. VC's hate it when teams stumble over each others words
  • Omit any bad habits you have while presenting
  • Focus on regulating your emotions if the unexpected occurs