One on One Coaching

Each scheduled coaching session is one hour. I ask that sessions be scheduled at least 10 days in advance. Should there be a scenario where a cancellation is necessary, please give me at least 12 hours notice. We can meet in a public place that is mutually accessible, or at your workplace. Coaching sessions take place in San Francisco or the Peninsula. We can meet in the East Bay with proper notice and planning. A coaching session can be done via audio or video call as well.

First coaching session: I will give you a general overview of areas in your life to address.  Sometimes they are small habit modifications, and sometimes it will take a deeper commitment of deliberate practice.  Books will also be recommended if applicable. If there are more coaching sessions to come, I check in with you two weeks later via phone or email (whichever is preferred).

Second coaching session: We will put together a deliberate action plan to make large changes in your life. Please note: this is a LARGE commitment. This takes the same type of commitment and discipline as someone that loses 100 lbs in a few months. We will begin to create harmony in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. I focus on: Diet, Sleep, and mental habits such as temperament, optimism, empathy, self-awareness, daily routine, etc.

Third coaching session: We will clean up any habits or routines that still need attention. This session is meant to set you up for long term success. If there are any personal issues that are still hindering your personal or professional development, they will be addressed and a plan will be customized. We will work on visualization techniques to accelerate your development over time.

Pitch Coaching

Many people have an idea or product that can be revolutionary. Your ability to eloquently and efficiently communicate your vision can literally make or break your business.  With Pitch Coaching, I work with founders and teams to maximize the effectiveness of their presentation and message. 

We will:

  • Create a presentation style that feels natural to you
  • Trim any slides or text that lost momentum in your pitch
  • Utilize the power of storytelling to strengthen your message
  • Use powerful visualization techniques to mentally prepare you and increase your confidence
  • Make sure who says what. VC's hate it when teams stumble over each others words
  • Omit any bad habits you have while presenting
  • Focus on regulating your emotions if the unexpected occurs