Meet Evert Zelaya


Evert (commonly known as Ev), is from Northern California, has a healthy obsession with anything potato based, and is married to an awesome wife.

Evert is on a mission to help people achieve greater confidence and tranquility. Through his coaching sessions and workshop's engaging discussions and exercises, attendees gain insight and actionable tips on confidence and healthy work environments.

He started helping professionals in Silicon Valley because he felt corporate trainings, along with personal coaching, lacked a humanistic approach. Being able to identify and regulate your emotions has a direct correlation to your personal and professional success. 

Evert has been leading workshops on confidence, self-esteem, and effective communication for the better part of a decade and has spoken to over 100,000 people. He has worked as a coach for UnCollege: An educational startup based in San Francisco.  Evert has also worked at academic research organizations such as The Institute for Scientific Analysis and The Public Research Institute focusing on social and cognitive research.